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Shimmy Braun


Everyone in the music business knows the name Shimmy Braun. His vast experience and attention to detail contribute so much to every performance. Professionalism and class exude from his personality, and from every note that he plays. 

Judah Hulkower

Of the many drummers that dot the wedding scene, none of them come close to the amount of joy, life and  talent that Judah Hulkower puts into his music. His drumming performance is infused with an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm that makes him a delight to listen to and watch.

Mike Groisman

Originally from Israel, Mike Groisman is one of the fastest rising guitar players in the Jewish music industry. His signature playing style and         jaw-dropping musical prowess add an edgy yet leibidik twist to the Sharp group.

Stephan Kammerer

Stephan Kammerer is a virtuosic musician whose knowledge and mastery in the art of music is equivalent to his smooth and polished saxophone tone. He is a prized and valuable asset to the Sharp group.

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